I Love you ! – Statement or Feel

I Love you !  – Statement or Feel

I LOVE YOU!!! , a very “common” line we use in everyday life. Yes we do know the meaning of this statement. Yes we do understand “the state” when we use this statement.  There is a deeper reflection and dimensions within, before saying “I love you “to anyone or anything.

Love is a very beautiful feeling. Sccha Pyar, Deep Love, Pavitr pyar, sacred love, few suffixes and prefixes which are familiar with. INSIDE, ‘my love is purest’ and OUTSIDE ‘the love which I  seek’ is purest, is how we interpret.

True love is unconditional. Unconditional means free of restrictions, free of expectations. Expectation means free of hope, free of probability of getting something in return. Do not fake your love for someone or something by expectation of getting something in return and yet be in a feel that ‘mera pyar saccha hai’ . Expecting love or anything in return means bounding and blocking the one you love for the sake of your tainted Love.

Love means giving, love means expressing , love means enjoying within , love means sharing , love means loving own self so much that everyone around us starts loving us.  Love means if anyone comes in contact of your aura, dissolves and shines and feels goodness from inside.

Please reflect once and boggle a thoughts within before saying “I LOVE YOU” , darling , wife , boyfriend , girlfriend . father, mother , sister , brother , friend ,  son , daughter , mate , mobile , laptop , doll , cricket bat , etc, etc .

Shanti se Kranti is a Platform to share, feelings in its absolute form, a little reflection can bring huge shift in mindset. Mindset is the area, where we feel, reflect and express.

@rahul yogi deveshwar


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